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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Any Shipleys Out There?

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bertha Bush Shipley- 1876-1966

Bertha Bush Shipley Posted by Hello
I was hesitant to include Bertha's picture as she was not born into the family, but married into it.
She married Ulysses Hays Shipley about 1903. Ulysses is pictured below.
"The Shipleys of Maryland 2002" states "Bertha was a teacher, exemplary companion and lover of flowers..."
My Great-Aunt Peg (Margaret Ann Larue Murray, pictured below) described her otherwise, in a long letter entitled "My history of the family" she wrote me around 1993. To paraphrase this passage: Ulysses & Bertha were married and living in his mother's home, as was his unmarried sister. This sister did not get along with Bertha, and went so far as to describe her as a "Hellion!" Ulysses, being an intelligent man, arranged for his sister to meet a teacher friend of his, and they ended up marrying. This artfully separated these sister-in-laws at war.
The sister was my Great-Grandmother Martha Carrol Gertrude Shipley.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Martha Carroll Gertrude Shipley

Martha Carroll Gertrude Shipley
Born August 27, 1873 and died March 11, 1917. She was the daughter of George W. Shipley and Martha Naomi Shipley. Martha married John Edward Murray in December 1904. Posted by Hello

Margaret Ann Larue Murray

Margaret Ann Larue Murray
Born abt. 1913 and died January 26, 1996. The daughter of Martha Carroll Gertrude Shipley and John Edward Murray. Taught for 42 years in Carroll County schools. Posted by Hello

Ulysses H. Shipley

Ulysses H. Shipley
Born October 19, 1876 and died April 13, 1961. Son of George W. Shipley and Martha Naomi Shipley. One of the founders of The Shipleys of Maryland organization. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 23, 2005

George Arnold and Carrie Shreeve Posted by Hello

Carrie Louisa Shreeve as a young girl Posted by Hello

Carrie Louisa Shreeve

The lovely Carrie Louisa Shreeve
Carrie was born March 30, 1887 at Sandymount, Maryland and died in June 1983. She was the daughter of Ketura Louisa Shipley and Jabez G. Shreeve. Carrie was first married to J. Wilson Zepp, then to Charles Walter Oursler. Posted by Hello